Company Profile

  We, Carbon Resource CO.,Ltd. set up in year 2017.

  Our company devote ourselves to providing the customers with high-quality semi-coke and electrode paste.

  We are engaged in ferroalloys industry Such as FeSi plant ,FeNi Plant, Calcium carbide plant as well as Steel making Industry .

  We provide high quality products with fast delivery to the different customer , to meet the customer different requirements . And in the meantime , we are keeping close relationship with many factory and keeping a good channel to develop our business .

  Welcome to contact with us .

Ferro Silicon

Ferrosilicon is a ferroalloy – an alloy of iron and silicon. The average silicon c…

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Silicon Manganese

Silicon Manganese is a Ferro Alloy obtained by carbothermic reduction with slag coke from…

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Electrode paste

Electrode paste is used in closed electric smelting furnace as continuous self-baking ele…

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